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So you’ve bought a video iPod and you’ve downloaded your favorite movies and TV shows from the iTunes store. There’s just one problem. Now you actually have to watch a two-hour feature film on a 2.5-inch screen that you have to hold up to your face. Not a very comfortable or practical situation – especially if you’re traveling.

Now there’s an alternative – the myvu personal media viewer Made for iPod. The funky eyewear puts the video iPod’s bright, crisp viewing experience right in front of your eyes on a large virtual screen. If you missed an episode of “Lost” or “America’s Next Top Model,” you can watch it on the subway on your way to work. By connecting your video iPod to the lightweight myvu eyewear, you can watch your favorite TV shows, music videos, video podcasts and movies anytime, anywhere. And with display and audio systems built right into the eyewear, myvu can be worn standing, sitting, reclining, or in any on-the-go situation.

The myvu personal media viewer resembles a pair of sleek, dark sunglasses. Inside the front of the unit is a patented display system, which was adapted from technology developed for the military to allow tank drivers and others to simultaneously view both information and surroundings.

“Unlike an immersive headset system that blocks users from seeing anything but the screen, myvu offers “situational awareness,” said Kip Kokinakis, CEO of myvu. “We use a thin optical bridge that lets you see over and under the screen so that you’re aware of what’s going on around you. That makes it ideal for today’s multi-tasking lifestyle — whether you want to have your own movie marathon on a cross-country flight or catch up on your favorite show while texting your buddies.”

Plus, by slipping your iPod into myvu’s thin battery pack, you get eight hours of video watching. For long trips, that is a definite plus. And to give you even more juice, the unit comes with AC and car adapters for charging. Don’t worry if you wear glasses. You can also purchase a clip-in prescription lens that fits right into myvu. The myvu Made for iPod system comes with everything you’ll need to enjoy videos wherever you go, including:

What’s more, you’ll be in good company — earlier this year, the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles gave away myvus as gifts to the American Music Awards winners!

Right now myvu is available from select retailers throughout the United States. You can also purchase it online at www.myvu.com.