Fonte: BBC News – UK / Londres
Sunday, 1 October 2006, 16:02 GMT 17:02 UK


Drivers wishing to extend their stay can top up via their phone

Drivers in central London and on a busy west London road will be able to pay for parking using their mobile phones.

From Monday, registered motorists in the West End and on the Harrow Road can pay by making a phone call or sending a text message.

Westminster Council will roll
out pay by phone parking across
the borough following the
six-month pilot scheme.

The council says the service will help eliminate theft, fraud and vandalism to parking meters.

‘Coin-free convenience’

Motorists need to set themselves up with a pay by phone parking account, either via a website at home or a touchtone phone or SMS text on the street.

If they are delayed returning to car they can top up their parking fee without the need to return to the vehicle.

Alastair Gilchrist, at Westminster Council, said: “For motorists it gives coin-free convenience when paying for parking, and the ability to pay for longer from elsewhere if you’re running late.”

No proof of purchase needs to be displayed in the window of the vehicle as parking attendants can check if payments have been made using a hand-held computer.

Coincidência ou não, o sistema é extremamente parecido com o CellPark  .